Alien Bugs? In Washington???

August 1, 2020 10:48pm
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Last night I started watching the CBS show BrainDead from a few years ago out of curiosity, and today I finished up its mere 13-episode run as the first show that I’ve truly binge-watched in a long time!

I stumbled across it purely by accident. Earlier in the week I found myself watching this hilariously fun table read of the Scott Pilgrim movie with the cast via Zoom and I realized that as great as she was in that movie, I didn’t really know much of anything else that Mary Elizabeth Winstead has starred in. Somehow I stumbled upon this weird sci-fi comedy about bugs taking over the brains of Congressmen, and what can I say?

OMG – It was soooooo addictive!!!

I think a big part of the appeal of this story is that it’s told from the perspective of someone who doesn’t like politics, so it’s not so much one party looking better than the other as it is both parties filled with stupid bickering and fighting for their own self-preservation instead of actually doing what’s best for the people.

Of course, it gets way worse as the bugs continue their infestation and more and more of Congress gets infected…

I literally ended up watching the first 6 or 7 episodes of this series last night after the kids went to bed, and if I didn’t have to worry about watching the kids the next morning because Sara worked overnight, I would’ve loved to just blow through the entire thing because they did an outstanding job with their cliffhangers and leaving you desperate to see what was going to unfold next.

It actually left me wondering how the series would’ve moved forward if it hadn’t seen its untimely demise and gotten cancelled after just the first season because I honestly felt like the ending was a little rushed. I think I read something on Wikipedia that the next seasons were going to follow the infection spreading to other sectors – Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood – so that could’ve been interesting, particularly if the Washington cast was still involved and they could’ve played with how the different systems intertwined.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be, so instead we’re left with this fun, little 10-hour sprint of alien infestation that could’ve been more, but admittedly was still a whole lot of fun to watch for what it was. If you have any interest in the more satirical side of politics, and you can handle watching bugs crawl into people’s ears, I highly recommend it!

Excessive Viewing

October 28, 2017 2:21pm
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One of the unique things that I’ve experienced as a parent is that we tend to watch the same movies over and over again in our house.

Case in point – I think I’ve seen The Lego Movie three times in the last 24 hours, and Moana at least twice … although once was this morning and I was still asleep for the majority of it.

Only with a toddler is it possible to have the conversation:

Dad: That movie was great – what do you want to watch next?

Kid: Toys!

Dad: We just finished watching Toy Story … the credits are literally still playing on the screen.

Kid: Toys!

Dad: Toys it is…

Admittedly we probably let our kids watch TV a little more than we should, but frankly there’s three of them and only two of us, and when one of us is incapacitated with work or whatever … hey, I’ll take any help that I can get! 😛

Besides, I don’t really paint TV as the terrible threat that a lot of people consider it to be because I’ve seen plenty of its pros firsthand. Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse have done a great job of supplementing and reinforcing what Christopher is learning with his letters and numbers and shapes and colors, not to mention speech, creativity, and gaining a better understanding of the world around him and how things work.

Yesterday he came into my office and I was drinking out of a bottle of water, and so he pointed to it and said, “Me try it!” and we had a fun, little (albeit wet) mishap of him trying to drink straight from a bottle, and regular water no less! All because of a Sesame Street song with various singing foods convincing Elmo to try something new.

And a big part of why I introduced him to The Lego Movie last night is because he’s gotten more and more into Legos in the last year, to the point where he’s not only playing with Duplos but also most of my own Lego sets which are several years above his age range. It was really awesome to look over and see him playing with his own in between watching scenes in the movie – I was finally able to capture a picture of it this afternoon…

If my kids were literally just vegging in front of the TV for hours on end not doing anything else, I might be more concerned, but they tend to watch a lot like Sara and I do. We’re almost always doing something else while we’re watching, and a lot of times I’ll just have it on in the background to listen to episodes of Shark Tank or something while I’m doing the dishes or other simple work. TV has way too much value to tune it out completely, and as long as the kids are getting something worthwhile out of it, I’m ok with that.

…even if it means watching Bolt for the fourth time in a row on the same day… :O

Can’t We Have Donald Trump From 2005 Instead???

November 16, 2016 3:08am
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Another YouTube video blog post … I suppose it’s just that kind of day, but I stumbled across these videos of Donald Trump being interviewed by Conan O’Brien back in 2005/2006 – plus one of him singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with Regis Philbin?! – and I guess after watching his campaign for the last 16 months, I can’t help but think how…


I mean, I have to remind myself that 2005 was when that whole “grab her by the pussy” tape was from, and maybe it’s partly Conan’s personality driving the segments, but it’s so bizarre even trying to compare these interviews to some of the angry and crude rally cries that we saw from him over the last year and a half.

Here he seems eccentric, but still reserved; personable, and not just to his brain-dead loyalists; playful and even polite!

This was a few years into The Apprentice, so the “You’re fired!”-shtick had become a thing. I even remember specifically watching the season in 2005 because it was when Randal and Rebecca were in the finale and Trump asked one if he should hire both, which would’ve been well-deserved, but the guy said no and so he didn’t!

Maybe I’ll just go back through YouTube and only watch clips of Trump from at least a decade ago for the next four years to help get me through this Donald Trump Presidency™… 😛

Geeks and Spies and Robotic Defenders

June 24, 2016 9:24pm
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Rumor has it I haven’t done one of these what have I been watching on TV posts in quite a while, so let’s do a bit of catching up here on this Friday evening, shall we?

Voltron – Legendary Defender (Netflix)

I think I was cautiously excited about this latest reboot of my beloved Voltron when I heard the news that Netflix was going to take a stab at it because quite frankly, I’ve watched bits and pieces of the one that ran on Nicktoons and I wasn’t impressed.

Legendary Defender, however, turned out to be a great re-imagining of this classic story while adding plenty of new flavor and a whole lot of fun, too. Hands down, Rhys Darby takes the cake with his hilarious role as Coran … it’s literally like how you would imagine Murray from Flight of the Conchords if he were promoted to be the advisor to the Voltron force, and it’s wonderful. I think in a lot of ways, his over the top comedy style helped make the show more watchable for me as an adult when admittedly if you look back on the old version I watched as a kid, I truly adored the lions and the assembly of Voltron, but pretty much everything else in between was very repetitive and boring…

Which was another surprising thing about Voltron: Legendary Defender because I was really impressed about how well thought out the storylines seemed to be throughout the season, and even leading into potential new seasons to come. One of the early Coran quotes that got a chuckle out of me went something like, “You need to be able to form Voltron over and over again – until you can do it in your sleep!” just because the old show was so formulaic … short story arc, meet robeast, fight it with the lions, form Voltron, end credits … whereas this version had a couple of episodes where I don’t think they even got around to forming Voltron because it didn’t fit with the larger story.

Anyhow, really good start and I look forward to seeing what they do next with season two. And if they manage to somehow sneak in the epic assembly anthem that we all associate with forming Voltron, then I’d dare say that the series will then be truly unstoppable! 😉

The Night Manager (BBC)

This was one that I admittedly stumbled upon quite by accident, but I didn’t want to get started on it knowing that the episode on the screen was like 3 of 6 and it seemed just intriguing enough to watch from the very beginning…

And good god, was I right! It was really neat to see both of these guys in two very different roles after having mainly known them from playing House and Loki … particularly, it was hard at first to picture Hugh Laurie as a villain, but man did he just have it seeping from him by the time all was said and done. It’s funny, too, because after the short clip mid-series that I saw, I actually thought that the plot was going a completely different direction, so it’s really important to start from the very beginning. But it was good, and it would’ve been really hard to watch this thing through one episode a week because we plowed through all six episodes in two nights.

Silicon Valley (HBO)

Silicon Valley has kind of been up and down for me because it’s almost like watching The Office when you work in an office where the jokes are funny, but you also think, “Oh my god, I just had to deal with something like that last week…” – like the conflicts between the sales and the engineering teams, or the company deciding that it’s more profitable for them to fire people than it is to actually drive their business forward…

Still, I do love the characters on the home team and they’ve always got some bizarre riff that makes it worth enduring all of the business failures along the way … I think half the fun alone comes from watching Gilfoyle and Dinesh go at each other all day. 🙂

Marvel’s Agent’s of SHIELD (ABC)

Admittedly we haven’t been watching this from the get-go, but more so decided to give it another shot and then quickly got sucked in after watched both Agent Carter and Jessica Jones. When I first heard of the concept long before ever watching an episode, I didn’t think I’d really care about all of the other SHIELD agents who aren’t superheroes, but Clark Gregg is pretty much made to play that character and it’s pretty impressive how he brings this new team together to drive a powerful storyline that does a surprising job of complimenting the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they’re taking place, but without the need for the high budgets that would come from having somebody like Captain America or Iron Man make a guest appearance!

Lots of twists, though some (like Grant turning evil or Fitz’s trauma) I wasn’t really a fan of, but the story was engaging right through the whole SHIELD is Hydra debacle (that I really hated, BTW) and I hope that ABC doesn’t stuff it in the corner and instead sees fit to let them continue on with the story for more seasons to come.

Unlike Agent Carter, which got cancelled recently but I think we’re all still pulling for to get resurrected for another season… 😛

Life is like a hurricane…

February 25, 2015 11:32am
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Woo-Hoo! A New DuckTales is Coming to Disney XD in 2017!

Yay – something new to watch with Christopher besides Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Muppet Show!!!

For celebratory sing-along purposes…  😉

This is awesome!!!

November 28, 2014 5:32pm
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I’m not normally one to try and get celebrities’ attention online or anything, but apparently yesterday I got an @reply from Marc Summers on Twitter for Thanksgiving! Neat!!!  :mrgreen:

Accepting the Demise of The Newsroom…

November 13, 2014 4:07pm
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If only the first episode of season three had been as compelling as the trailer, maybe we’d still have a show worth fighting for here.

Simply put – I watched season 3, episode 1 of The Newsroom last night, and I’m sad to say that I kind of hated it. Like, A LOT.

It’s not the same show that it was when it first started – the characters are suddenly all best friends, there’s no structure left in the office, and after the last season was dominated by a plot around confidential information, season three looks like it’s starting out … the exact same way.

By the end of the episode, I regrettably had come to terms with the idea of the show ending after all. I loved season 1, but it started to fall short in season 2 and now having watched the premiere of #3, it doesn’t really surprise me as much that HBO decided to pull the plug on this one. So much of the episode just didn’t feel right…

  • The intern who infamously got hired at the end of season 1 is now taking jabs at Will like they’re brother and sister.
  • Apparently Sloan doesn’t really do much financial reporting anymore, except for showing her sparkly, new Bloomberg product placement.
  • Don runs a show later than News Night, but apparently he never really has anything to do with his own show so he just hangs out with Will’s crew instead.
  • Reese is now sort of buddy-buddy with the group, hanging out with them like he’s not the head of the entire company that everyone has hated up until now.
  • Jim’s girlfriend from the last season now works there because, hell, why not?!
  • And instead of Will being this noble, though intimidating force in the office, now he’s a bumbling idiot who seems to have traded scripts with MacKenzie the moment the two lovebirds got engaged last season.

I hate to see shows go while they’re still in their prime and I really thought that The Newsroom stood out as one of those with a decent amount of staying power, but I don’t know if the writers room changed or they just didn’t have anymore decent stories left in them. I’m morbidly curious to see what they do with the remaining couple of episodes that they still have left…

…but I swear to god, if they keep dragging out this Jim and Maggie dead horse like they eluded to when Maggie became a news woman on camera, I might not make it to the wedding that’s no doubt going to be the final episode… 🙁

Silicon Valley (HBO)

February 25, 2014 12:03am
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(via BoingBoing)

Could be interesting … has a few actors that I’m a fan of, like T.J. Miller and Kumail Nanjiani … although I’m kind of surprised that there’s almost nothing out about it so far and it premieres in April… 😕

The Legacy of The Tonight Show

February 18, 2014 1:49am
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I used to be a big fan of The Tonight Show, presumably because it was the one that my Dad always watched.

Loved Jay Leno – he was a funny guy, and typically would stay up late with my friends so that we could watch Conan, too.

“Stay tuned for Conan!”

It all changed for me a few years ago in 2010 when the whole Leno/Conan thing went down that really left a bad taste in my mouth, and I stopped being a fan of both Jay Leno and The Tonight Show because my view on the whole situation is that the one person who could’ve done something (Leno), didn’t.

But this post isn’t really about that, and although I didn’t watch the actual episode tonight, I’ve watched a couple of the clips that are up on YouTube already and I’ve been reading a lot of the media coverage about the whole thing, and what a big deal it is to be moving the show back to NYC for the first time since Johnny Carson left (although I was too young to watch even when he hosted in the 80s/90s), and even how Jimmy Fallon is tweaking the name of the show to be The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon instead of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon … also because that’s how Carson and even the older hosts before him did it.

And I guess all of this kind of got me thinking about, really, what an institution The Tonight Show has become, much like Saturday Night Live – another show that the comedy fan in me would still like to watch, but I just can’t bring myself to do it, and even looking at Jimmy Fallon himself … I never really watched him on Late Night simply because of sour grapes over the whole Leno/Conan fiasco, even though the clips that I’d randomly watch online were mostly entertaining and I’d always enjoyed him starting out on SNL as well.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that after watching his extraordinarily humble and earnest introduction from a few hours ago, I think it might finally be time to give The Tonight Show another shot…

Good news, everyone!!!

January 3, 2014 8:15pm
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This. Is. Awesome.

Click on the image to see all sorts of crazy detail on the artist’s Deviant Art page – the original is something like 5000×3500, so it’s really huge! Unfortunately, it’s a fan creation, so we’ll probably never actually see it in print unless you know a dude who’s a printer who will look the other way, which is too bad because I think it would go great alongside this classic poster of the entire cast of The Simpsons that I currently have framed on my wall…


…just between you and me, I might see if I can find a place to get a copy printed up at 24×36 anyways…

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