pic from our tasting

December 30, 2007 2:46pm
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Also, even just looking inland back towards St. Petersburg and the waterways, I absolutely love the view from the top of the hotel that we chose…

uber-productive Saturday

December 30, 2007 2:40pm
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Boy, was yesterday a busy day! Being the first day that Sara and I have both had off at the same time for several weeks, with the exception of Christmas Eve which was just chaos, mind you, we were pretty much out and about all day long, and actually got quite a bit done in the process…

Wedding Menu – done!
Well, close anyways. Our first stop was out to the hotel on the beach to do a tasting of some of the dishes that we thought we’d like to serve at the wedding and surprisingly, every last one of them was a hit! We first sampled appetizers – a variety of swedish meatballs, spanakopitas (small pastries with spinach and cheese), and assorted canapes (those little breads or crackers with meat and/or cheese on top) – and all were good, but the meatballs clearly took the crown for that round. As for entrees, we sampled both a jerked chicken and a mahi mahi with tropical fruit salsa, and needless to say that it didn’t take long for us to know that our decision had been made! Impressively, Sara doesn’t really even like fish, but she thought the mahi mahi was great. I’m still not sure which one I’ll personally have myself that night (leaning towards the chicken, but I might argue for a bit of both, you know, being the groom and all!), but regardless, it’s now official that we’ll be serving chicken and fish at our wedding!

Gift Registry – almost done!
Next stop was JC Penney to put together a gift registry. This has been a tough decision for us because unlike a lot of new couples, both of us have pretty much been “out in the real world” for a while now and thus we pretty much already have everything that we need for around the house. Sure, we could pick stuff just for the sake of getting new everything, but it just seems like such a waste because most of the pots and pans and towels that we have now work just fine. So a week or two ago, we signed up for a Disney Honeymoon Registry and setup some items there for people to be able to help pay for anything we might want to do the weekend following the weekend, and just to try to round things out we did the one at Penneys this weekend, too. It gave Sara a chance to run around with the scan gun, which she loved, and even though we really only picked maybe a dozen items, we still had a good time. I mean, I know it’s fun to dream, but you’ve got to feel just a little guilty when you spend so much time basically spelling out what people can buy you for gifts… :O

Give Life – painfully done.
As we parked at the next mall on our list, Sara noticed the Blood Mobile parked outside and seeing as we were planning on seeing a movie that night anyways, why not get free tickets for donating blood? Thankfully, my second time giving went a little smoother than the first, even though the needle stick itself was a lot worse because the lady just jabbed the thing into my arm with the bedside manner of a cranky wildebeest drilling for oil, but nonetheless I didn’t nearly pass out this time and that spells SUCCESS for me!

Tuxes – thankfully done!
Sara got this crazy notion that she wanted to see me in a tux while we were at it, so we took a trip over to Afterhours Formal Wear in the mall and ended up just picking out the whole darned thing. Oddly enough, she never did get exactly what she had wanted, as apparently they’ve only got random pieces in the store to actually try on – not samples of each exact get-up, but we got to see it all come together on a mannequin so I guess that was ok. Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought it might be because every tux looked the same to me and the colors were really already decided by her bridesmaids’ dresses, so she might as well have just chosen them herself. Don’t get me wrong, I still think us dudes are going to look pretty sharp up there, but it wasn’t nearly as fun as I’m told dress shopping has been thus far for the ladies.

All I can really say is that they’re white, well ivory actually, and my biggest question is still in wondering if I’m going to sweat to death standing at the altar…

The Movie – bleh.
So to round the day out, we used our passes to see National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets because we just watched the original again on Christmas Eve and Sara’s really been looking forward to the sequel … and it pretty much sucked all around! The conflicts seemed forced, even more so than in the first movie, and we were both scratching our heads as the credit rolled because we didn’t really see how anything had actually been resolved. Frankly, I didn’t like the first movie, and the sequel made the first installment look great, so you do the math. Also, the theater seating was just horribly uncomfortable and we’ll be sure to avoid that theater altogether going forward, so meh.

Regardless, though, it really felt good to make so much wedding progress because we’ve kind of been at a standstill for quite some time now. Next steps will be to put down deposits for a DJ and hopefully one other, along with finally sending out save-the-date cards and getting our wedding website updated with the registry stuff, hotel info, etc… The fun just never ends!

Here’s your sign…

December 28, 2007 10:56pm
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(while sitting in the waiting area of our Kia dealer’s service center)
Dude: You here gettin’ your car worked on?
Me: Nope, sometimes I just like to come here to think…

panties for Santa

December 23, 2007 6:18pm
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Wal-Mart Yanks Pink ‘Credit Card’ Panties Off Racks

Favorite Line: “Exactly how nice to Santa would the girl have to be in order to get stuff?”

Maybe that whole “Ho ho ho” line of Santa’s deserves a bit more looking into by these concerned parents…

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians

Really, what else is there to be said?


December 20, 2007 9:49pm
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Mmmmmm … the first Santa cookie of the season – it’s like a Christmas party in my mouth!

Thanks, Mom.

ill blogging for the holidays

December 20, 2007 8:18am
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So I’ve been sick the last couple of days … what fun! Not nearly as bad as my first year in Florida when I spent Christmas Day passed out in bed, mind you, but certainly not having a very good time with it all, either. It all hit me out of the blue Sunday night when we got back from the parks to our hotel room and I was miserable straight on ’til morning … we actually ended up leaving Monday morning instead of spending our last day at Disney, but part of that can also be attributed to the fact that it was only 45 degrees outside when we woke up, and we both agreed that even in good health that’s just way too cold to spend the day running around Disney World! 🙁

But it was a fun couple of days while it lasted, and we definitely both needed the vacation and some time for just the two of us. Candlelight Processional was really good again this year (our celebrity host was Andie MacDowell). I particularly enjoyed watching the orchestra play, as we were closer to the front this time around, and I made a vow to get there even earlier so we can sit in the middle up front next time to provide an even better view. Regardless, it’s a good show regardless of my own personal beliefs and I’m glad that it’s becoming something of a tradition for us.

We didn’t too much for rides, as we spent more time looking at Christmas decorations and taking photos, but there were definitely some notables in both directions. Spaceship Earth was doing a soft-opening since its refurbishments, and I wasn’t really impressed by the new version at all. I’ll save my rants for a full-fledged column of sorts, but let’s just say that as it stands, I enjoyed the post-attraction games more than the attraction itself. :< Everest was wild as always and I’m even getting better about putting my arms up on rollercoasters – kind fun when you just let go! Also, not exactly an attraction, but IllumiNations at Epcot was particularly “special” Saturday night, in that we ended up getting pelted with ash during the last part of the show … apparently it was either too windy or not windy enough, and as much as we both love that show, we agreed that had it been our call, it would’ve just gotten cancelled altogether that night.

Back to pictures, though … I took quite a few over the course of about two days – actually 729 to be exact! In my defense, though, I’ve gotten a little bit more serious about taking pictures over there in that if I see something that I like, I’ll take a dozen or more shots instead of just one to make sure that I get something worth keeping – especially with all of the Christmas lights that we saw over the weekend. I just finished going through them tonight and surprisingly found about 200 of them weren’t bad, which sounds like a great time to segue into my new photo galleries:

View Photos from ICE! @ Gaylord Palms Resort

View Photos from Our Disney World Christmas … 2007 Edition

I’ve been doing a lot of uploading over the past couple of weeks – I guess I never really realized just how huge my previous galleries were, but I’m currently at a little over 800 photos online and probably have another 500-600 to go, not counting archives for Disney and the Everglades. Those are getting saved for last because I’m pulling out images here and there to also include in separate galleries of solely Disney images – the shots without family and friends, that is – because a lot of people always seemed to like those and I eventually want to try throwing up a little advertising to see what happens. So feel free to explore anywhere around the Gallery as it is from those links, but just understand that there’s a lot still to be done and if you get any errors along the way, feel free to let me know! My photo galleries are sort of my first controllable step towards getting content back online and hopefully I’ll have more to say next week, but in the meantime enjoy the happy Christmas pictures and be merry… 🙂

Man dies after riding Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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