Random Things That Amuse Me…
another collection of humor columns by Scott Sevener


$9.95 plus shipping
236 pages

Spanning 2007 – 2009, my second collection of humor columns is filled with even more tales of suburban nightmares and grocery store mishaps and is sure to spread laughter and joy among anyone who’s ever received a complaint from their HOA or been stuck behind someone driving approximately .0000002 mph.

A is for Awesome – an Awesome Kids Book
by Scott Sevener & Lori Sevener


$5.99 plus shipping
32 full color pages

Lori and I are at it again with our very first children’s book, this time exploring the alphabet from A to Z with all of the nostalgia and excitement from the favorites of their own childhood! With monkeys and dinosaurs and ninjas and pizza, never before has learning the alphabet been this awesome… (previews pages here!)

Ink, Paint & Tears… – the complete collection
by Lori Sevener and Scott Sevener


$14.95 plus shipping
118 full color pages

A fun, light-hearted comic strip that I created with my sister a few years ago, this book collects every Ink, Paint & Tears… strip that was ever created, including many that never appeared online and even a handful that have never before seen the light of day! Come join Brandi, Steve, and the whole gang as they pun their way through life two panels at a time…

The First Seven Years Are Always the Hardest…
a collection of humor columns by Scott Sevener


$9.95 plus shipping
210 pages

My very first humor book, this collection covers some of my favorite topics as it spans the first seven years of my life as a humor columnist from 2001-2007. Everything from tiny lizards and mutant ducks to family gatherings, Santa Claus, and even a classy, little expose about grilled cheese – they’re all here, just waiting for the warm embrace of your bookshelf, breakfast nook, or bedside table of choice!

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