Having triumphantly returned from the vacation that included spending (almost) 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom, it seemed only fitting that I share 24 photos from those 24 hours of fun!

Going into this we wondered how the little guy would take to being up and about for such an extended period, but between taking his own impromptu naps whenever he desired as well as a quite reasonable amount of mild crankiness, overall we both thought that he did pretty well. Probably his most amusing moment was when we rode the carousel with him at around 3:30am – you can see below in the pic right before the one of him trying to pull the sword from the stone, he found himself overcome with this very bizarre sense of euphoria which we weren’t sure it was joy or being overwhelmed or what, but it sure was crazy to stand there and watch… 😉

Anyways, check out my post for more commentary on the 24-hour event itself … given a proper night of sleep myself, I do say that I’d probably try it again, but ooof, is it becoming painfully apparent that I’m certainly not 22 anymore!!!

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