Once upon a time there was a Christopher,

and one night he went to bed without giving Daddy any fuss…

And the next morning he was showered with presents, and gold, and he got to see Mommy again,

and Daddy wasn’t driven to jump off a bridge due to lack of sleep.

The End

Just thought I’d try out something a little different here after ad-libbing a bedtime story for Christopher… 😉

Christopher was a sea captain.

He had a ship, and a first mate named Cleo, and he loved whales.

Christopher and Cleo loved to go on adventures together out in the ocean, where they would scuba dive, and snorkel – which was kind of funny to watch because Cleo was a dog and didn’t like holding the snorkel in her mouth.

They also would ride dolphins together from time to time, who were their friends out at sea.

One day they spotted a pirate ship, and before they knew it they were getting boarded by the pirate captain, who demanded, “Give us all yer booty!”

Well, Cleo took the pirate’s request a little too literally because she turned around and stuck her butt right in the pirate captain’s face … and do you know what she did then?!

Cleo let out the biggest, nastiest sea food fart the ocean had ever known, and by the time she was done passing gas, the pirates had retreated!

Christopher and Cleo then sailed to a different part of the ocean because lord knows that Cleo’s farts somehow manage to linger in the air forever, and in their new corner of the sea they dropped anchor and ate tilapia and shrimp for dinner, and got to ride the dolphins some more, and they were never bothered by those pirates ever again…

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