Oh no! I feel middle-aged, too…

February 12, 2014 9:31am
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John Green kind of nailed it in today’s video, and by nailed it, I mean that he managed to stencil out in about 90 seconds the exact same realm that I’m facing right now, too!

Well, very very close, anyways…

If you triple my current age, I would be 99 years old, which although technically feasible if science gets its act in gear in the next couple of decades, lets just say that given my current diet and exercise regiment of not doing either of those things, hitting the brink of triple digits may not be as likely as my immortal younger self would’ve liked to believe.

Also, I kind of don’t know shit for pop culture these days, either. It’s why I have a Super Nintendo hooked up in my office and I haven’t bought a complete album of songs since, like, 2004? The ’80s and ’90s are pretty much it for me and now I’ve got to milk those two decades for the next 40-50 years…

Sure, I could go through the list of stuff that makes it not that bad – actually having money to pay for stuff, driving a car that consists of more metal than rust, not getting carded for drinks anymore (wait, is that a good thing???), and I suppose that I just did make said list, or at least a small subset of it. I’ve also got a wife, and a mortgage, and a child on the way in only 79 days, so those things are all pretty cool, too!

And yet I still can’t help but look in the mirror at my rapidly receding hairline and just ponder the question for, like, 20 minutes every morning – where did it all go??? 😯

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