Likes & Dislikes … Moving

March 29, 2011 12:34am
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Like: looking forward to living in our awesome, new house one week from today!

Dislike: looking over the ridiculous expanse of totes and boxes that currently stand between us completing this move…

Like: finally feeling motivated enough to want to workout every single day

Dislike: not having any time to do it because you’re spending three hours a night packing and shuffling around boxes

Like: Having a toasted bagel with peanut butter for breakfast instead of those increasingly boring oat squares.

Dislike: Regularly burning my fingers every damn day trying to butter my bagel hot out of said toaster.

I like…

  • the new show Surface on NBC, which is surprising because they haven’t impressed me during primetime in ages…maybe it’s just something about sea serpents that breaks the mold?
  • where things are going now with the new Ink, Paint & Tears… strips and that we’ve managed to keep a schedule for nearly a month now; also, that Lori is actually ahead of mein comic production right now
  • that I can still go to bed at night and be proud of my overall work ethic in general, regardless of my assumption that it might not look as good if the majority of people weren’t selfish morons
  • winning one against the parking garage this week after learning that I don’t have to affix their stupid, new gate card right exactly where they want it after all … a simple victory, but I’ll take what I can get!
  • that I can finally download and watch video on my computer again! I’m never around to catch anything the first time it airs and HBO-on-Demand hasn’t been worth a crap lately, so it’s nice to have an alternative to missing out on all the new programming…I don’t really care for…
    • the traffic around this town lately and the fact that there’s been multiple wrecks on Hillsborough Ave. between my home and downtown damn near every day this week! I’ve had to change my route…again…because so many people are careless these days.
  • the conservative take-over of our country. Sure, it was fun to write about week after week…for a while…but it’s just plain depressing at this point to watch one mindless idiot play government with all of his friends, throwing money all over the place while the rest of us continue to pay $3 / gallon for gas. Don’t even get me started with this one…
  • the fact that I haven’t gone to Disney in such a long time. And I certainly don’t mean to point blame at anyone – I just miss it…like a lot of things that I haven’t done lately. I’ve thought about just going over by myself for an afternoon, but that might be weird – I don’t know… 🙁
  • the notion that my Dad still hasn’t recognized my birthday yet…over a month after the fact. Some say that it sounds greedy because I was looking to buy an iPod for exercising with his gift this year, but even just a card or a phone call would’ve been nice. Doesn’t anybody use calendars anymore???
  • that my stupid printer still isn’t working and I have comics to print out for our adoring fans. First priority when my weekend starts – I promise…
    • …right after exercising tomorrow night, that is…
      • …okay, probably not! 😛

likes and dislikes…

July 17, 2005 6:22pm
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I like…

  • watching the rain
  • the smell of coffee cake baking in the morning
  • my new plant, Ramona
  • the enthusiasm for reading that the works of J.K. Rowling have instilled upon the worldI dislike…
    • rude people at Wal-Mart
  • the fact that season 4 of Curb Your Enthusiasmwon’t be out on DVD for another month
  • not having enough time in my day
  • that end of the weekend feeling

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