I don’t know what it is about this time of year because in fact I had the same sort of notion last year and then promptly didn’t act on it in the slightest for the rest of the year, but I think I kind of want to give hiking a try … maybe?

Of course, I say this when it’s barely 60 degrees outside and I hardly even got out of bed because my toes were much more comfy nestled in bed where they belong! 😉

Still, I’ve been following more and more nature photography folks online and a few random hiking blogs, too, and in theory it seems like it could be a lot of fun. At one point I had even tracked down a couple of local trails that probably wouldn’t be considered “trails” by anyone who takes hiking seriously because they’re totally paved and whatnot, yet they would be a good starter for someone like me who traditionally only takes on suburban hikes and also has to account for both a stroller and a dog … sometimes both at the same time.

I think some of the reluctance might come from being leery about diving back into that whole outdoor world again because I’m not so much crazy about the camping aspect anymore, not to mention I can certainly vouch that the weather can often times be a fickle beast when one decides to venture bravely away from his hard-earned air conditioning and solid roof overhead and whatnot…

So maybe that means I give a couple of short, day hikes a try – something I can throw a sandwich and some water in a bag for and be back in time to not get eaten by wolves the same night! I know that I’m certainly in no shape to go adventuring for days on end, carrying all of my stuff on my back right now anyways, plus admittedly that kind of sounds miserable so if there’s another option to see nature for a few hours and then escape back to modern times, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.

I really think that I need to just pick a date and give it a shot, so let’s do this – next Saturday the wife works, so I’m going to throw the kid in his stroller, the dog in her cage, and go for an afternoon hike.

…as long as the weather holds out… 😛

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