And now making a guest appearance…me!

I haven’t written here in nearly a week. Kind of a bummer, but I didn’t feel like writing here when I knew that I had other places that I was supposed to be writing…hell, that were willing to even give me money to do it, so rather than battle the guilt (ok, it wasn’t that bad…), I figured it’d just be easier to blow this one off for a while!

So this weekend’s been quite the eventful one so far…

The bulk of Friday afternoon was spent underneath my car in an attempt to save paying one of the local garages $60/hour to do fifteen minutes worth of work. Granted, it took me damn near three hours, and I do normally try to stay away from doing those types of repairs myself that can lead to the car actually catching on fire, but hey – sixty bucks is sixty bucks!

Saturday was spent sleeping, for the most part – partially from the sheer exhaustion of not getting enough sleep all week, and partially because certain events occurred (or didn’t occur, actually) which led me towards not wanting to ever get up again, and partially because I’m just plain lazy. Nonetheless, I did finally pry myself up out of bed and began playing catch-up again, which is something that I’ve been doing an awful lot of lately. I think I am getting much closer, however, to being nearly back to normal again, although I’m sure that just about the time that this happens, a whirl-wind will hit me and I’ll be lost once again, but what can you do? What can you do???

Even though technically it is Sunday now, I haven’t gone to bed from Saturday yet so as far as I’m concerned, it’s still Saturday night. I watched Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian this evening, which turned out to be approximately one million times better than the “film” I watched last night! It’s basically a documentary about comedy and comedians and how to make it as a comedian, even though Jerry’s already pretty much made it. I did think it was interesting how he could go onstage and completely forget his bits, just standing there trying to think, and the crowd still roared with laughter, yet the lesser-known comedians would occasionally do the same thing and get boo-ed and jeered, yet Jerry still beat himself up about it backstage like he was getting jeered, too. Fame does funny things to people, I suppose, but it was still definitely worth 80 minutes of my time!

And now I shall return to slaving over a hot keyboard in search of the funny, but before I go…

I HATE cats, but somehow I still managed to find this quite amusing.

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