One word: AWESOME! I’ve so gotta get out to Vegas one of these days…

Las Vegas Groups Protest Naked ‘Bambi’ Hunts

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – Outraged by a Las Vegas company that claims to offer men a chance to stalk and shoot naked women in the Nevada desert with paintball guns, women’s groups and government agencies were scrambling to find a way to shut down such “Bambi” hunts.

“As soon as I found out about this, I called for an investigation,” Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said. “Las Vegas is a place where anything goes, but this crosses the line if this is real.”

Real Men Outdoor Productions Inc., insists it is doing nothing illegal and only providing another variety of adult entertainment in a city celebrated for sin.


  1. That’s retarded.

    I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be hit on bare, SENSITIVE flesh with a fucking paintball. They hurt like hell, even with clothes on! The last time I went paintballing I got hit on the back of my upper thigh, and I had a massive freakishly colored bruise, and that was with jeans on.

    I may be a wuss, I’m not denying that, but getting hit on your tit would make many women cry.

    Although who knows, maybe some people get turned on by naked crying women (“A Lapdance is Always Better When the Stripper is Crying”).

  2. They’re typically always crying when around me anyways, so I might as well get some sort of enjoyment out of the whole thing… 😉

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