Bullet points for all!

So much to write about, so little time…

  • I had a chance to play with one of Sprint’s new Vision phones at work during the week and well, let’s just say that somebody’s got a new toy on his Christmas list already! I never thought that the camera features and colored screens would be very cool until I tried them out for myself, but now I’m sold – the images actually don’t come out too bad, easily as good as most webcams I’ve seen, and the screen is bigger than most phones I’ve used so far. It might be a tough bite to initially cover both the cost of the new phone and the cancellation fee with AllTel, but I think it’d be worth it. Maybe next year…
  • I don’t care how good the people around me claim it to be, pickled bolognajust sounds disgusting to me.
  • Two days in a row this week we were let out early, meaning that my 45 minute commute became a 20 minute commute – sweetness, indeed!
  • I finally started on Order of the Phoenix after only what, four or five months? It’s a slow start, but with any luck, I should have this one done just in time to pick up the next installment!
  • Work was very good again this week and it’s hard to believe that we’ve only got two weeks of training left. It’s actually going to be kinda sad because my instructor doesn’t actually work for the same company and will be leaving in another week, but I did learn the other day that there’s a pretty good chance that myself and a few others in the class could be getting promotions by the end of this, so that’s certainly something to look forward to!
  • Friday is quite possibly the most excellent of days in my book. It’s the end of the week, I’ve gotten paid by then, but most importantly of all – live music in the park during lunch! Nothing helps to reinforce the scenery like a soothing array of cover tunes featuring Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison and UB40 – pizza and hot dogs have never tasted this good.
  • I think I may take up walking at night again. It certainly won’t be the same without Brandi’s company, but it was fairly good exercise and it’s actually something that I don’t really mind doing. The area seems pretty quiet and safe at night, so we’ll see…
  • I understand the purpose of the receipt checker who stands at the door of your local Wal-Mart or what-have-you, and I’ve never had a problem with these people in the past, but one just really pissed me off tonight. Nobody is in the store and I came from the closest checkout to the door – she watched me the entire time, and yet waited for me to get out the door before yelling at me to come back so she could check my purchases. I had exactly $22.50 worth of merchandise, comprising of celery, shampoo, and a few various office supplies, and she insisted on comparing the UPCs on every single fucking thing I bought.Don’t worry, folks – I pay for my celery…
  • And while we’re on the subject, I don’t think that people should be allowed to wear Halloween costumes to work, or at least not those in service and retail industries. If a woman two floors down from me wants to dress up as Xena: Warrior Princess and strut around during lunch, I can and will fully support that, but it’s a different case when I’m doing my grocery shopping at night and you’re dripping blood all over the floor because your whole dracula / stockboyidea didn’t work out quite as well as you had predicted.
  • But most importantly of all, I need furniture – bad! I cleaned up my living room this evening so now it’s just an open room again, so I think it’s about time to find something to fill it with. Plus, I’m getting tired of sitting on the floor to watch television and the whole inflatable bed thing is getting old, too. Of course, I also need patio furniture as well, but at this point I’d settle for the couch and bed!

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