How many times can one say “farewell” anyways?

I got an e-mail announcement that The Eagles are coming to The Palace of Auburn Hills here in another month or so with their Farewell 1 tour…

A. haven’t these guys already said farewell two or three different times now?

B. Who in their right mind is willing to pay $177.50 per ticket, plus Ticketmaster’s fees, to see anybody live in concert?!

It’s really too bad, too, because I would’ve liked to see them, but over four hundred dollars between two people is just way too much to spend for a single evening of entertainment…and that’s not even including dinner! I think the most I’ve ever paid for concert tickets was somewhere around $80 a piece for Aerosmith a few years back, and it was a good show, but still hard to tell if it’s worth that kind of cash.

Hell, one could get many a hooker for a fraction of the cost and still have money leftover for bowling the next day…

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