Ice? Ice??? Baby?!?!?!

Also, does anybody know how to work the alleged “ice maker” in my refrigerator? In Michigan, the ice maker worked by simply filling an “ice cube tray” with water and placing it in the “freezer” (or by simply placing it “outside,” for that matter…), but this new device has me both intrigued and behooved, and I’m not sure if that second word even applies in this case…


  1. Wow. That’s got to tell you something if you can get away with putting a tray outside because your front porch is colder than the freezer. Actually, I think Dad was the only one who put his ice cube tray outside.

  2. i may be of some service in ice management

    you’re high-faluttin’ with a handy ice maker … big step up from the archaic use of ‘trays.’ anyway, if you weren’t just being sarcastic here and you actually DO need to know something about ice makers… i’ll debrief you– it pull water in by itself (*GASP!*) and to turn it on or off you just lift the lever on the top right, or drop it. yah, you’re welcome.


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