Call me a joker, call me a fool,
right at this moment I’m totally cool.
Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife,
I feel like I’m in the prime of my life…
Well, things are certainly underway now – I turned in my notice of resignation at work yesterday, even though the boss wasn’t around at the time. I kinda would’ve liked to see the look on his face, but such is life – I’ve got plenty of other things to look forward to at this point!

So it looks like the remainder of my time here is going to be divided between saying goodbye to people and writing and frankly, I’d much rather be doing the later. In the best case scenario, I’d love to leave here with nothing but some new columns and Leaving Miami on my slate. It’s pretty much a given that there’s not much I can do in the way of packing up shop until a day or two before the big day, which means that in theory I should have about eighteen quality working days ahead of me…stay tuned to find out if I actually use them to the best of their potential…

21 days until Scott moves to Florida!

3 Responses to It’s on now, baby! There ain’t no turnin’ back…

  1. mbuonauro says:

    so you’re moving to tamps, right? where in tamps.

    also, you have to call it tamps.


  2. scott says:

    Tamps because that’s the hip & cool nickname for it or Tamps because you missed and hit the S instead of the A?

    I’m not exactly sure on where yet – it could be just about anywhere in the bay area, Clearwater or St. Pete even, depending on what I can find for a job. Any tips on where not to be? I’ve heard that southern St. Pete is pretty lousy, crime-wise and I’d prefer not to get my car stolen if I can help it. I’ve looked at a ton of places online, but I’ve found before that they take on a whole different light when you see them in person…

  3. mbuonauro says:

    tamps because I just made it up yesterday, big e.

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