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Whew! What a weekend…

Ever have so much freakin’ stuff to do that it seems like you just can’t get a single lick of it done? Well that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately and I’m guessing it’s not going to subside until sometime Friday evening. I attempted to start packing up some more stuff last night, but I’ve just always been the kind of person to do everything at the last minute and I’m always afraid that I’ll put away something that I’ll end up needing fifteen minutes later. I did fill a couple boxes with some framed photos and my meek collection of pub glasses, but I can already tell that the most of it is going to have to wait until Wednesday when I can see first hand what kind of car space I’m actually dealing with here. Besides, with all of the big stuff that I’m taking down with me anyways, I’ve got a feeling that there will be quite a bit of shuffling throughout the loading process regardless, so I’m just better off doing other things right now!

I took Lori and Jordan down to Grand Rapids Saturday for their concert – boy was it loud! I didn’t get as much stuff done as I had been hoping to during the three-hour wait, but looking back at the surrounding environment, I guess I actually did pretty good. It was nice and quiet for about an hour or so, but then the evening crowd shuffled in (not unlike the Billy Joel song) and things just got out of hand. Kids were wrestling each other and dueling with the pool cues – it’s amazing what college can do for your level of maturity! Oh well, that’s exactly why I don’t hang out at those kinds of places anyways, but Lori and Jordan had a good time and that’s what I was going for…

Random Notes as Moving Day Approaches:

  • Upon cleaning out my liquor cabinet, I’ve discovered that either I don’t drink nearly as much as I should or that I had truly horrible tastes in alcohol several years ago. I also found an extremely old bottle of Popov vodka standing next to a much more recent fifth of Skyy and wondered how in the hell we tolerated that cheap shit back in high school.
  • I’m afraid that the death of my fish is inevitable. Although I have a fairly logical plan to transport them with me, I’ve been known to lose fish on the way home from the store, so 1500 miles might, in fact, be pushing my luck.
  • The Simpsons 3rd season is currently at #2 on my list of best DVDs ever, second only to Sports Night. Did you know that in the season premiere, “Stark Raving Dad,” Michael Jackson actually sought out the cameo appearance himself, then later threw down the rules that they couldn’t actually feature him animated as himself or even list his name in the credits? Nonetheless, Michael is a huge fan and later decided to help Bart earn a #1 single – for double bonus points, what was the song???It’s raining like crazy here right now, but in two days none of that’s going to matter anymore… 😉

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