Three Brief Points

Quite the eventful day today…

  • remembered how to play rummy at work and came from behind to bring victory over my opponents, who never saw it coming. (…ok, neither did I…)
  • lead a rousing discussion about the local lady who had to give up her dog of 12 years because it “scared” some blind guy’s seeing eye dog. Apparently when the majority of the residents are old and retarded, just about any wacky ruling is fair game.
  • sorted through some three hundred old messages in my e-mail account that I somehow didn’t delete over the last month. I’m not caught up yet, but we’re getting there.

Tomorrow is Friday, which is always a good thing! I’m debating whether I should go out and do something or just stay home and actually do all of the writing that I’ve been putting off for the last month (or more). Rumor has it that it might be fairly nice out this weekend, so we’ll see…


  1. three responses to three points

    – i could whoop your ass in rummy, GAME ON!
    – poor puppy, stupid people.
    – you should really keep on top of this

    this will be a fantastic weekend climatically. congrats on your new hardware! will have bike picts up soon.

  2. Re: three responses to three points

    • Doubtful – today was another uneventful day and I once again displayed my excellence for all to see – bring it!
    • It was a cute dog, too – a cocker-spaniel. As far as I’m concerned, if your seeing eye dog gets freaked out by such a tiny creature, then you need a better guide!
    • A lot of my mail turned out to be porn/viagra/inkjet ads that just got trashed anyways, the newsletters I had to read to stay in “the know” but the rest typically require me actually thinking because they’re mostly submissions for the magazine, so it’s pretty easy to fall behind. I may consider bringing on a secretary next quarter, so feel free to forward your resume and salary history for details…

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