So here’s the deal – all of the projects and so forth that I’ve been putting off for a good couple of weeks now? Well, they’re getting done tonight!

Ok, maybe not all of them, but I’ve at least got an issue of Just Laugh, a new column for the Weekly Choice, a comic to color for L7, and a posting or two over at the personal site that stand a good chance at getting done. If this goes on much longer, I’m going to end up really, really behind and with a nice, long holiday weekend coming up here soon, that just wouldn’t be good for anybody! With any luck, there should be another post here soon, listing everything I managed to get done and how much I need to get to bed…it might end up being six o’clock in the morning, but it’ll happen…

…and as soon as this movie gets over, I can get started!


  1. Here we are, May 9th, and no post about what you’ve gotten done! It seems I’m not the only one who can’t get off his butt and work 😉

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