What day is it, anyways???

I’m still not totally there yet, but at least I’m getting closer to settling in down here…isn’t it sad that I haven’t even been to the beach once yet since I got here?

Most of the weekend was spent shopping for furniture, something which I’ve decided that I definitely hate with a passion. I don’t mind the kind of shopping where I go to a single store, find what I want / need, and leave, but this was like looking for a needle in a haystack, and apparently an extremely rich haystack at that! After crossing many a sofa with high-four-digit price tags, and some with no price at all, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s just way too much money floating around this town – it’s actually one of the down sides of living here, I’ve found. If I don’t buy it, the guy behind me probably will, so customer service doesn’t mean dick, but there are still some decent people, don’t get me wrong! (…so if anyone would like to come and help me move a couch, there’ll be plenty of your favorite beverage / dinner / entertainment vices onhand as my way of saying thanks…and I validate parking, too!)

Anyways, the living & bedroom furniture has been a bust so far – I did find a nice couch (…sofa, whatever…) that I liked, but I soon realized that I’m not around during their delivery hours and I certainly don’t have the means to carry it around my building and up the stairs by myself, so I let it go for the time being. I did, however, manage to completely purchase a dining room table and chairs, so at least I have someplace to sit now! If I didn’t know better, I’d even go so far to say that this little apartment is starting to resemble a home now…

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