Wow, it’s a good thing I don’t normally wear hats, eh?!

Really, who saw that coming??? Not only did Jenna beat out Matthew, but she whooped him royally – a mere one vote?! What did I miss here?

After indulging upon a good three hours of Survivor goodness, however, I do have to say that she did make a comeback and thus I will retract 82% of my previous “she’s a bitch” statement. Of course, she pretty much just handed the crown over to Heidi in the process, but let’s face it – women are like that…what can we do?

As always, I also got a kick out of the “cleaned-up” shots of the cast, especially Heidi’s two-dollar-whore look – mind you, from one of the girls who took off all of her clothes for a bowl of peanut butter, what did we really expect? Oh, who am I kidding?! I certainly wouldn’t have kicked her out for eating crackers in bed…

All in all it was a great wrap-up to another really good season, despite whatever critics and friends have said in the past. The next season, Pearl Islands, looks sweet already; maybe it’s just because there will be pirates involved, but you know I’ll be watching! Of course, I have no idea what I’ll be doing until then!

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