Writers Wanted! (This means you!)

Another Tale of Two Summers...

“Who knew that lost luggage would be the very least of their problems?”

Are you a writer who’s looking to flex his or her creative skills this summer? How about one that could just really use a new project to help pass the time?! Either way, Just Laugh magazine has just the thing that can help cure your summertime blues in the form of our latest creative collaboration entitled, Another Tale of Two Summers… and frankly, if you answered ‘YES’ to either of the questions above, we happen to think that you just might be perfect for the job!

This story stems back to a project we did last year called A Tale of Two Summers… which followed the path of two unsuspecting young ladies who found themselves in a bit of a pickle when they discovered that their boss was involved with some shady business. Our tale this year picks up where the last ended and the girls are taking a well-deserved vacation to Bermuda, or at least they think they are…

We’re still looking for writers to help lead our heroines along on their journey, so please check out the details on our website if you’re interested! A submission form can also be found at this same address – just click on the ‘Help Wanted’ link on the left-hand side of the page:


Applicants will be accepted pretty much until the story is completed, so it’s never too late to sign yourself up for a piece of the action! In the meantime, enjoy the show…

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