A Fishy Situation

While we’re on the subject, there’s something else that needs to be brought to light – I’m beginning to think that I have a lazy fish on my hands.

Everyone remembers the stink that came about a month or so ago when I took on the task of establishing a second aquarium in my apartment and ended up having to fill it with distilled water from the store because apparently pretty fish can’t stand the “water” that comes out of my tap like my other fish do. Nonetheless, I bought jug after jug of water to fill this newly constructed tank, the inside of which I had gone to great lengths to make a pleasant environment for its future inhabitants. In one corner sits an artificial antique jug, much like one might find in a pirate ship at the bottom of the ocean – I purchased this because I figured that the Neons in this tank might appreciate something to hide in should I opt to walk around my apartment naked on any given day…

If anyone’s calling PETA right now – that was a joke.

However instead of providing a place for these smaller fishies to frolic and play, this artifact now instead plays home to my lazy plecostomus who’s never cleaned that tank a day in his life! He could spend at least a couple of hours during the afternoon making the tank presentable for when I come home, but no – my filter is left to do all of the work and he just lays there and eats. One of these days he’s going to get so fat that he’ll get stuck trying to get out of the jug, and then myself and all of the other fish will laugh…

Of course, until then we’ve still got a filthy tank on our hands / fins – I might consider getting snails or something, I don’t know. Remember that time when fish used to be dependable pets?

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