All is well with the world.

Two days in and this is turning out to be a pretty good week…

  • Mess at work got cleared up first thing Monday morning and I got my write-access ID given back to me – no more need to seek a new job!
  • Got a schedule review back from my editor for the paper and contrary to previous e-mails, he wants more local coverage than before!
  • Decided that I’m going to switch cell phone providers again after two content years with AllTel. Sorry guys, but a 15% discount and a free picture phone is just too good to pass up…especially because I’m getting bored with my old one… 🙁
  • Came across a very cool looking chick while leaving work yesterday, whom I will now hunt down within our building and eventually possibly even learn her name! (why doesn’t Outlook come equiped with a photo gallery option?!)
  • Finally within a few columns of getting completely caught up with the content on my personal website, which I hope to place online by the end of the week.
  • Also came to terms that I’m going to have to shut down Just Laugh after all these years because I just don’t have the time anymore. Not necessarily a good thing, but I’m glad that I can finally live with the decision…
  • AndI finally got the snazzy wireless keyboard and mouse working that I bought six months ago when I first got down here – w00t!Two down, three to go – happy hump day!!!


  1. So what do you plan to do with your old phone? I can think of someone who would possibly be interested in it. Her name starts with Lo and ends with Ri.


  2. Which one? Kurt already has dibs on my Motorola one if he decides to go with AllTel, but you’re already welcome to either of the Nokia ones. He might end up going with Sprint too, though, so you’re next in line if he doesn’t want it.

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