…and so this is, errr, the day after Christmas…

Three day weekend was very good – mucho sueño was had, legos were assembled, movies were watched – a nice, quiet Christmas at home.

I just finished nearly the last of the cookies this evening – the gingerbread turned out particularly delicious, surprisingly because I’ve never made it before…probably worth making another batch sometime soon. The final verdict will be decided tomorrow when I distribute them at work tomorrow along with my belated Christmas gifts.

Unfortunately, the cards aren’t coming along nearly as well, as it seems that the card stock that I used last year isn’t available anymore and I’ve yet to find anything worthwhile that allows the colors to come through as they should. Wasn’t there a huge epidemic years ago when everyone was making cards on their PCs instead of purchasing them at the store – what did you people print those on?! Maybe I’m just picky, but tonight the artist agreed that they shouldn’t go out on an inferior medium, so I guess my search continues tomorrow… 🙁

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