Best Movie Ever – Hands Down

So this is what time off is supposed to feel like! Frighteningly enough, this was the first complete weekend I’ve had off since Nov. 24th and man, what a difference! Especially after as stressful as the last few days have been, I must say that it’s certainly going to be nice getting back to a regular Monday through Friday schedule again…

So how have I spent my illustrious weekend thus far? Well, aside from the usual writing, lounging, and fighting crime, I also had the pleasure of finally seeing The Return of the King and all I can say is, “Wow.” MaryAnn goes into it with better detail than I ever could, but really, this is the kind of movie that makes us love movies – truly definitive of its genre. I laughed as Gimli continued to spat in the face of danger, I cried as Arwen turned down immortality to be with the one she loved, and I nearly crapped my pants when Shelob crept out upon Frodo after he had finally thought that the worst was over. I’ve read the books a countless number of times, yet this wizardry still kept me on the edge of my seat as I found myself cheering along the characters, all the while knowing well in the back of my mind that the ring would be destroyed in the end and that all of my favorite characters would live to see another day. It was no doubt a cinematic experience that I’ll probably never forget.

I wasn’t around to see the Star Wars or even Indiana Jones movies when they first came out, so I can’t honestly compare them to those, but I think it goes without saying that this series is our generation’s triology. Sure, it’s sad now that the story is finally over after three years, and I honestly hope that Peter Jackson doesn’t let the money go to his head and opts not to persue The Hobbit as well, but with a lineup otherwise slathered with child stars destined to outgrow their charm and animated creatures that strive to be anything but, it was certainly a refreshing three hour journey that reminded me that Hollywood hasn’t lost its touch completely. I can only imagine the parties that will ensue when this final chapter is released on DVD and I, for one, can’t wait!

Oh yeah, and I stand by my word – if Sean Astin hadn’t been available to play the part of Samwise Gamgee, I still think that Michael could’ve stepped up to the part with marvelous results! You heard me, Mr. Frodo…

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