Enough with the “free” cruises, already!!!

There was another message on my machine when I got home tonight letting me know that I’d been selected to win a free cruise to somewhere tropical. This is like the 4th one in a month. Sorry guys, but I got the joke…

Did my name go on some kind of suckers list when I actually bought into the first one and even gave them a check to cover half of the administrative costs associated with that cruise? It just amazes me how a free cruise can end up costing upwards of $500…maybe I wasn’t paying attention in Economics 101 or something.

How much should a cruise cost if one were to pay for it up front, knowingly, that is???

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  1. Damn Auto Dialers

    We get at least two of those calls a day at my office, its usually a machine with a well recorded message. If its not a cruise its a free Digital Sat Dish installation.

    A company tried to sell me one of the machines once to generate mortgage leads…

    Maybe I will buy one and auto-prank people with a YEAR SUPPLY OF TWINKIES!, all you have to do is enter your credit card for age verification.

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