One of the guys that I work with shared an interesting bit of insight with me on Friday that has had a lot more affect on me than I would’ve originally thought. He had asked how my writing was going lately and I related that because of all of the half-done projects I’ve got spread out right now, I’ve been experiencing something like writer’s block and thus I’m not really making much progress with any of them. Upon hearing this, he shared something that another writer had once told him that I’ll probably never forget, and that was “You can’t just sit around waiting for the inspiration to find you. You have to get up and seek it out yourself because otherwise you may never actually see it again…” The idea is that by just sitting around, your environment to pull from is rather limited, but if you continue to write the entire time – week after week after week – then eventually things will have a much better chance of clicking once again.

And the more that I analyzed these words, the more that I realized that they can really apply to just about anything, from learning to play the guitar to dating to whatever your heart desires. Sure, there’s a good chance that you’ll write a lot of pure crap or go on some truly horrible dates along the way, but it’s a whole lot farther than you’ll get just by sitting around and waiting for that special flare to seek you out personally.

That having been said, I’ve only got a few pieces left to finish up to bring my personal site back up to speed and I plan on hitting at least one a day until they’re finally done. Then I can work at organizing my thoughts for Leaving Miami and start making more progress than just a couple paragraphs for each chapter – I think this is what motivation feels like!

Life is good.

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