This truly was one of the laziest weekends I’ve enjoyed in a while, and I loved every minute of it! Last week I started working overtime at the job again because hey, if they’re going to simply give away free money, then I’d be crazy not to take advantage of it! I put in twelve last week and they’re already scheduling me for more starting tomorrow – keep it coming, guys…

So the primary reason that I sat around all weekend was because I’m finally able to download stuff to my computer again…and boy did I ever! I’ve been pretty much neglecting my cable connection since I got here because I was more or less out of disk space, or at least I was until my new 160 GB baby showed up last Thursday night! The array in my server is now up to 400 GB and after cleaning out my desktop’s drive, it still has over 100 GB to spare, so I had some catching up to do this weekend. I just completed Season #15 of The Simpsons and will make it my goal in life to work my way backwards to Season #01 over the next several days and weeks…so I pretty much spent the bulk of my time watching most of the newer episodes that I’ve missed and it was definitely time well spent!

In other news, I’ve taken the next big step with my cell phone and entered the realm of people who spend excessive amounts of time with their camera phones, so it seemed only fitting to create a new blog to help capture the whole experience – enter Scott’s MoBlog!!! Low quality digital photography has never been this much fun, I’ll tell ya – follow the link, comment on all of the things I’ve felt the need to capture on my neat little Samsung A680 camera phone (provided by Sprint PCS), and even sign up for a free moblog for yourself – it’s an exciting life here in the age of technology, ain’t it?!

Tomorrow I’ll throw up a few shots from my desk at work so everyone else can get an idea of the lovely view that I enjoy for eight hours a day…

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