live recordings for one and all!

This is just really freakin’ cool!

I see that bands are finally stepping up to the plate and addressing the issue of bootlegging in a very positive way! Why hassle with all of that fancy equipment, along with the risk of getting caught and kicked out, when for $10 or $15 you can pick-up a copy of the entire show already burned for you on your way out the door?! The quality is, of course, going to be better than even the very best of bootlegs because everything’s being recorded in a professional manner with sources straight out of the board – where was this kind of technology five years ago when I went to thirty concerts a year?!?!?!

It’s mostly smaller bands using the service right now, but I’m sure if enough people throw down their cash, you’ll be seeing this type of thing for the bigger acts in no time at all. Sweetness, indeed!

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