Man, this just really sucks.

I had all of this writing that I wanted to get done this weekend, and I just can’t do it. I can’t sleep, but even if I could it would just seem like a cop out at this point. How are people supposed to deal with something like this?

I re-read a bunch of Marvelous Bob earlier today and I just can’t get over what a genius Michael was, and he didn’t even know it. Or maybe he did and he just liked playing with people – that was kind of his thing. He always was the subtle jokester, from selling his webcomic, to creating an entirely new comic solely to promote his original webcomic, to re-packaging said original webcomic for another audience; I thought that it was a joke – some sort of sick, twisted joke – when I first got the news, but it wasn’t.

I didn’t really know the guy as much as I would’ve liked to, and we’d only met face-to-face once, but I really admired him for the passion that went into his writing. A lot of people live their entire lives trying to write like Michael did, but to him it was natural…even if he refused to meet deadlines purely out of principle! We never will get to hear the rest of the story and what ends up happening to Bob in the long run, but if anything else, it was certainly fun while it lasted…

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