No rest for the wicked…

July 19, 2004 12:47am
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…until today!

After another 55-hour week, I finally decided to take the advice of damn near everyone around me and take a day off, and boy, what a difference it makes! That meant getting to actually sleep in on both days, and lounge around without a care in the world – it was great.

Although it doesn’t sound nearly as monumentous now as it felt in the store, I finally found movie poster frames at affordable prices (where else, but Wal-Mart – of course!), so I can finally get with the finishing of the home decorating…after only ten months! Oh well, I’ve already decided that I’m definitely renewing my lease here for at least another year, so no worries there. I spent a little more money than I probably should have over the weekend trying to spruce things up a bit, but after all of the overtime that I’ve worked in the past two months, it was certainly well earned…

The later part of my Sunday evening was spent over in Clearwater – I needed to go out for a drive and a trip to the book store across the bay seemed a little more appealing than just driving around Tampa. I wanted to get Wil Wheaton‘s new book, Just a Geek, but there wasn’t a copy to be found…I’ll have to order it online or something, I suppose. I did pick up an older Douglas Adams classic, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, which is one of the Dirk Gently books that I have yet to read, so at least I have something new to occupy my “free” time. I think Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was the last book that I actually sat down and read wholeheartedly, and that was way back in January, so I’m a bit overdue!

Well, Monday is already destined to be quite the bustling day, as it has been confirmed that I’m moving to another team at work with the restructuring that is being done…which is actually something that I’m looking forward to because I was rapidly growing weary of my previous duties, so hopefully these new tasks will be a refreshing change of pace. Only time will tell…

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