shoot ’em up

I was never much of a first-person shooter kind of guy.

Wolfenstein, Doom, and that was about it. I might’ve dabbled in a bit of Heretic and Hexen from time to time, but I never really cared for any of the actual war simulation games (i.e. Tom Clancy’s creations). That all changed last weekend when I spent most of my Sunday afternoon playing Ghost Recon (yes, a Clancy title…) – now I feel like I’ve misjudged an entire genre’s worth of games!

I don’t know – I think it stems back to simply a few bad experiences with these types of games, as pretty much everyone I’d ever played them with just took them WAY too seriously. You see, for the most part I suck at these games, so of course it’s really tough being on my team because I’ll tend to drag the whole group down! Sure, shooting the new guy friendly-fire-like does get its laughs for a while, but when you need somebody to watch your back and I’m a half a mile away trying to figure out how to look somewhere other than the ground, I guess I can understand the frustration! Nonetheless, I guess I just got tired of the crap and moved on to finding other ways to spend my time…

Well, now things have changed and I think I may just very well give it another go. I’ve been practicing on and off for the past week, and most of yesterday was spent doing the same, so at least when I meet up with Kurt to give the multiplayer another go, he won’t have to worry about getting a stray bullet in the back…at least not from me! You won’t catch me playing online any time soon, though, that’s for sure, but maybe some day after a little more practice.

Ok, lots more practice!

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