Storm Update…

Sure, they’re predicting flooding and high winds and lots of damage, but let’s focus on the important part – I’m not getting my new TV this weekend!!! 🙁

Yep, I got the confirmation message when I came home earlier this afternoon – the earliest I can have it now is Tuesday, which could prove to be a problem not simply because I work on Tuesday, but also because I might not even be home on Tuesday! Some days you just can’t win…

So long story short, the company that I work for has myself and about forty of my co-workers put up in an above-average hotel somewhere north of Orlando doing the whole “disaster recovery” thing, which actually worked out pretty good because I didn’t really have anyplace else to go anyways! I only had about an hour to both pack and batten down the hatches, so to speak, so hopefully I’ll come back to anything but a living room full of glass and trees and stuff, but nonetheless I am safe, so please don’t worry about me. They’re paying me quite well, indeed, to be over here right now and it sure beats sleeping on a cot in a high school gynasium somewhere, so if you want to be concerned about something, be concerned about the safe and successful delivery of my TV next week…whenever that may be.

And I had picked up the new cable box this morning and everything…damn.

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