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August 19, 2005 11:58pm
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I watched bits and pieces of The Fellowship of the Ring in HD tonight – very nice, indeed!

I always find it interesting to flip back and forth between the standard broadcast and the HD version to compare just how much better the HD really does look. A friend of mine at work just recently bought an ED (enhanced definition) plasma TV and has been trying to convince me that it looks just as good as HD, but I remember doing that very comparison last summer and frankly, there’s just no contest. There are reasons that the next format was chosen to be HD and not ED, and Rivendel is one of those reasons! 😉

Almost makes me wonder if I’m going to regret dumping all of that money into DVDs after blu-ray comes out and Hollywood scrambles to re-release our favorite titles at $30 a piece as high quality, HD versions. I see that Shark Tale is one of the offerings on HD Pay-per-View this week, so I might just have to clear a bit of my schedule this weekend for some fun under the sea…

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