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October 23, 2005 11:49pm
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  • Went furniture shopping yesterday in preparation for the big move and finally found some pieces that I like – all tropical and Floridian, but also bearing price tags that totaled nearly $3,000. 🙁 I guess I could technically finance it all, as Kane’s is offering 0% interest until 2007 and I know I could qualify for it, but I’m not really sure if I want to take on an extra three grand worth of debt at this point…
  • Caught myself up on The Apprentice by watching the four episodes (out of five…) that I’ve missed so far this season. I’ve got to say that reality tv as a whole is getting kind of boring, but between The Apprentice and Survivor, Mr. Trump kind of has my attention at this point. I am getting a little tired of listening to everyone attempt to market themselves as God’s gift to the business world, though…
    • Critical Note: Also, am I the only one who’s noticed that Trump’s catch-phrase, “You’re fired…” doesn’t really even apply in this game? I mean, the show is sold as a “thirteen week job interview” … how do you fire somebody before you’ve even hired them?!
  • Found some new toys at Best Buy that I want to get for my home entertainment center, but for now I’m going to hold off until I move so that I don’t have to haul them twice. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to play videos from my PC on the big screen (which will be in separate rooms) without simply running cables down the hall because I’ve got a ton of old shows to catch-up on now, but I’d rather watch them on a 52″ TV than a 17″ computer monitor… 😛
  • Watched a couple episodes of the UK version of The Office and I’ve got to say…I don’t really like it – reminiscent of my first reaction to the American version, in fact! Odd because I really do like Ricky Gervais as he plays alongside the adorable Ashley Jensen in Extras, but The Office just seems so bland – without a cute female beside that, I guess I’m just easily bored!
  • Lots of TV this weekend, I tell ya! I also started watching a few episodes of The Awful Truth (with Michael Moore) that I borrowed from a friend at work, but I’ve got to say that the whole concept of corporate awareness just isn’t as powerful when chopped up into 15-minute segments. I mean, the one where he persuaded Humana to pay for a pancreas transplant for some guy who they’d previously declined was nice, but other than that one, really, I’m four or five episodes into the series and I’m not really all that impressed…
  • Spent a good chunk of time sorting through old CDs and ripping them to MP3 before filing them into a big box for the move, all the while wondering why I’m even keeping them anymore. The box that I bought is freakin’ huge and takes up nearly the entire back seat of my car by itself, and I never really listen to CDs except for in the car anymore anyways, so why am I keeping all of these things??? Once I get an MP3 player in the car, I’ll have no need for them at all … but maybe it just seems like a waste to either pitch or sell them off at a fraction of what they originally cost when there’s probably a couple grand worth of discs there.
  • Countdown to Moving Day: 15 days

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