apparently Northern Michigan is still trapped in the ’80s…

Isn’t that about when garage door openers first came out, when they were “the next big thing”?

I came across this press release when I was working on an upcoming article and despite the fact that it’s technically a year old, it still frightens me just how behind in the times they are…

Mackinac Bridge Authority rolls out new “push-button” technology to further streamline commuter crossings

Basically, they’ve developed a transponder with a button like a garage-door opener to trigger and open the toll gates after crossing the bridge. Concept is – you pull up to the gates, press your new Mackinac Bridge garage door opener, and the gates open after the toll is subtracted from your account.

Call me crazy, but why go through all of the hassles of transponders if you’re just going to cut technology off at the pass at the last minute?! We have them all over the place down here – toll roads, apartment complexes, and even the parking garage at work opens off of a transponder that hangs from my rear-view mirror. If this is supposed to speed things up for commuters, why not remove the gates altogether and work them like SunPass works for us down here? You have cameras setup for those who choose to whip through without paying, and this way people can continue their 35 mph from the bridge right on through the toll plaza and back to I-75.

Or you could just give everybody garage door openers…whatever works for you!


  1. I miss Florida toll roads…I drove Michael nuts (no pun intended) when I would slow down to like 20 going through the EZpass lane because they scared me. XD We don’t really have those here in Northern California or Oregon!

  2. Actually, so do I because I really have to go out of my way to drive them…but they’re so much nicer than any of the regular roads, all kept up properly and looking new.

    LOL – I remember going nuts myself with all of the toll roads around Orlando, back when I would go over to see Michael or Kim. Now it seems as I only go into O-Town as far as Disney World, so it doesn’t really matter much anymore… 😛

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