Birthday Fun in a BIG Way…

Last night was very well, indeed.

Leslie’s birthday took us to dinner for some Crazy Buffet, and then a movie at the Channelside IMAX Theater, and let’s just say that although it was a terrific evening, I’m not all that crazy about the Crazy Buffet. I had relatively high expectations of the place because pretty much everyone I know speaks of them as Buffet Gods – both the service received and the food consumed certainly did not live up to that standard! There’s just something about a place that charges $18 / piece for the buffet and then has such lousy table service because they know that the buffet will sell itself…we’ve experienced the Crazy Buffet and that’s something to be said…but for that kind of price in the future, we’ll either eat at Channelside in Tampa or of course, somewhere on the Disney property when in Rome / Orlando.

On the other hand, the movie was fantastic!!! We saw Robots on the massive IMAX screen by the bay and simply put, “Wow!” I’m going to put up something more of an actual review on the new website, so I won’t go into much further detail here, but needless to say, this was the film to prove to me that the Disney / Pixar relationship isn’t the only production company capable of cranking out such a stellar movie experience of the computer-animated form. It’ll definitely be on the shelf when released on DVD, and honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if we end up seeing it again sometime in the future. I was impressed and I do believe that Leslie had quite the ball with the entire evening hands down, so rack ’em up and knock ’em down – I’ve done my job!

It must’ve been a pretty good night all around because hey, it’s 6:25 in the AM and you’re watching Perspectives…err, I mean, I’m blogging! (Does anybody know if those classic Tim Meadows sketches from SNL are available on a DVD somewhere, because I loved those…)

Well, I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go…man something’s wrong with me. With any luck, one of the first big sections of the new website will be completed and ready for your approval this evening…and maybe I can catch-up on some photo galleries, too. Happy Wednesday!!!

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