Could it have BEEN a lazier weekend???

Who knows … maybe every once in a while you just need to take some time off and sleep until four o’clock in the afternoon… ๐Ÿ˜›

I didn’t do any writing, I hardly did any web design, but that’s ok because I got plenty of time to catch-up on two of my favorite pastimes – sleep and television! I caught myself back up on Surface, Family Guy, and The Simpsons, not to mention enjoyed a few old favorites of Real Time with Bill Maher, but what was probably most surprising is that I think I’m just about ready to officially change my opinion on The Office.

You might remember that a while back when it first aired, Leslie and I made the susinct declaration that The Office sucked the big one more than anything else on tv at the time, but now after re-watching the existing nine episodes over the weekend … I’m not so sure. Now don’t get me wrong – the jokes are still bland and colorless, but somehow I got something different out of it this time around and I think I’ve finally figured it out — the key to enjoying The Office is to take comfort by laughing at the boss. You see, a lot of people mistakenly think that Steve Carrell is funny, when actually the polar opposite is true – Steve Carrell couldn’t be any more not funny and I think that’s pretty much how I managed to sit through nine episodes in a row Saturday night.

Also, the girl who plays Pam is pretty cute, but we’ll deal with that another day… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t know – I guess I just watched these episodes again this weekend and maybe it hit closer to home this time to see how painful it is being around someone who wants to be the life of the office, but actually couldn’t be any farther from it if he were to board a rocket ship to the moon! Yes, I do believe I’ll watch it again, but only with the understanding that I’m not laughing with Mr. Carrell, I’m laughing at him. Thank you.

I also thought that it was worth mentioning that I took the opportunity to catch-up on a little IP TV this weekend, pretty much consisting of tech programming left, right, and center, and above all, the show I was most pleased to finally view was by far DigitalLife TV with Patrick Norton. I’d been meaning to download this one for a while after hearing it plugged week after week on This Week in Tech, but as I listen at work and can’t download from there, I tend to forget by the time I get home just exactly what I wanted to follow-up on. Well, this week it sort of stuck in my head because I remembered Patrick mentioning on TWiT that he could get in trouble if they started doing too much with video and reverting to a Screen Savers format, so curiously I pulled up his new show and found the reason – DigitalLife TV pretty much is a new version of The Screen Savers, albeit without the fancy set and myriad of guests. Right now its pretty much just Patrick along with Robert Herron (also from TechTV) hosting in front of a half-empty set, but they’ve certainly got their content together and that’s really what TechTV was always all about to begin with…

I still think that it’s going to be very interesting to see where video on the web takes us over the next few years because it’s really a chance for content producers to put their content where their mouth is, as opposed to just their money, and what we’ve seen so far is great evidence that these folks are certainly on to something great. I find myself continuing to shake my head and sigh when I flip past G4 these days and see how the channel continues to bury itself deeper and deeper as Comcast flails to find a way to make money with it – I remember hearing a comment last week that G4 has pretty much become SpikeTV because they’ve bought the rights to rerun episodes of The Man Show from Comedy Central…it’s just a joke to see that clearly the powers that be really have no interest in producing quality entertainment, only a fatter paycheck. But then again, I think we can all agree that it’s a bit refreshing to see that their multi-million dollar purchase of TechTV didn’t do much to serve this goal because point blank – TechTV viewers expected the same quality that we had become accustomed to and when G4 started slashing programming, they slashed our interests in their effort as well. Whichever team of marketing executives who figured that they could just write a multi-million dollar check and instantly absorb TechTV’s 43 million subscribers should be shunned back to the stone age where they belong…but then again, knowing G4 they’ve probably all been assimilated in an effort to save a few bucks here or there anyways. ๐Ÿ™‚

But I’ve got a feeling, especially after watching Patrick’s latest venture, that with IP TV and all of the great, new efforts coming down the pipeline, we’ll be ok and soon again the days of content before cashflow will reign the entertainment industry! LOL – I don’t know how to tell you this, but it’s gonna have to because clearly there are other alternatives and we’re not afraid to go elsewhere for our content…

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