exercising my life away…

Current Position on the Beaten Path:
8/6 – 215 pounds!!!
6/19 – 219
6/15 – 222
5/21 – 225
5/14 – 228
begin – 235

The good news – I’m almost halfway there!
The bad news – This is technically where I started trying to lose weight almost a year and a half ago!

The truth – I do honestly feel a difference, though, even if it does feel like now the fatty areas are more prominent than ever…which is weird, seeing as now I’m a good 20 pounds less of the stuff than before! Who knows … maybe it was more compacted and thus less jiggly or something … I don’t know.

We’re getting there, though! I do miss some foods that I used to indulge in – desserts especially. I can’t even remember the last time I went out to eat downtown, which is probably a good thing on more than one front because I need every dime to throw at paying off Bank of America now. It’s just different, but I guess some change is ok…

Goodbye, love handles! 😉


  1. Mainly sweets and snack foods – it really sucks, but I hardly ever buy cookies or chips anymore. Kinda makes the talking cookie jar seem like a waste, but what are you going to do?! 😉

    Also, one soda per day max, and even then only if I feel like I need the sugar. I’ve basically taken a lot of the fun stuff out of my daily regiment, but it beats having a heart attack at 25 or something…

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