freezingly frustrated…

June 24, 2005 12:44am
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No matter what setting I change the dial inside the fridge to, I end up with a glass containing one large block of ice as opposed to the ice water that I’ve come to know and love in its liquid form.

It’s been fun, but more and more things that I once tolerated around here are starting to annoy – the teeny, tiny fridge, the “not necessarily leaking” air conditioner, the dryer that hums unless you stand there and hold enough pressure on the door to keep the seal. Between you and me, the end of this summer isn’t going to come fast enough!

5 Responses to freezingly frustrated…

  1. So wait — have you actually found a place yet?

  2. badgie says:

    The fridge at my old apartment was pretty bad too. The stuff in the front wasn’t cold enough, and the stuff at the back always froze. Mmm, a solid block of grapefruit juice, yum yum…

  3. scott says:

    Nope. My lease isn’t up until November and I don’t want to pay any penalties, so I’ve still got a good four months AT LEAST before anything will happen. Once the summer is behind us, I’m going to start searching once again a little more thoroughly than last time…

    The goal is to have a house to decorate for Christmas…keep your fingers crossed!

  4. I think they’ll become cramped.

  5. scott says:

    ‘Tis a small price to pay…

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