“I’d rather be happy than right anyday…”

Where did we leave off???

Yes, yes – the shopping! Well, I ended up cutting my day short because a man can only take so much shopping in any given day – I’ll just have to hit up the mall next week – but I did manage to not only get the DVD rack that I’ve been looking for, but also a second bookshelf for my office and…luck behold…I got the last one, on clearance for less than half of what I bought the other one for! I also picked up a new Aerosmith CD that has the boys playing a bunch of their old stuff at the Hard Rock in Vegas…quite reminiscent of the days when I used to skip out of class early to go see them downstate back home.

Also, I finally had the chance to watch The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on pay-per-view and to say the very least, I really wish I’d have made the time to go see this one six months ago. Sure, there was a bit of Hollywood-type cheese that I really don’t remember from the books and although I might have to re-read them now, I certainly don’t remember there being that many romantic undertones between Arthur and Trillian, but I would say for those fans who thought that the Lord of the Rings movies did a good job at visually portraying the world that Tolkein had created for us in his books, this is certainly the equivalent for Douglas Adams’ masterpiece. And for the record, I rank the Lord of the Rings among the best movies of all time, so I guess it goes without saying that this one will be added to my collection before too long! The views of Magrathera alone make this movie worth watching, and right now those who haven’t read the books are saying, “Magra-who?!” You know, Magrathera – where all the planets in existance are actually built. Slartibartfast won an award for a little number we know as Norway. Any of this ringing a bell???


So anyways, only two more nights here on Baywater Drive at this point…that is, unless I don’t feel like sleeping on the inflatable bed at my new place and end up coming back here until we move furniture next weekend. It’s kind of sad, and kind of exciting at the same time – I guess similar to when I first moved down here, actually. My, how time flies these days…

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