Is this what it feels like to be an emo kid???

LOL – do they even still use the term “emo” anymore, or has that one also gone wayside for something new and exciting that I can’t keep up with anymore? 😛

Anyways, I’ve never felt the desire to post lyrics before, but this one also got a lot of play during my recent 2764 mi. road trip…isn’t it neat when you find songs that you can relate to and stuff?

Song: Do You Remember?
Artist / Album: Jack Johnson / In Between Dreams

Do you remember when we first met?
I sure do, it was some time in early September
You were lazy about it, you made me wait around
I was so crazy about you I didn’t mind.

So I was late for class, I locked my bike to yours
It wasn’t hard to find, you painted flowers on it
I guess that I was afraid that if you rolled away
You might not roll back my direction real soon

Well I was crazy about you then and now
The craziest thing of all is over ten years have gone by
And you’re still mine, we’re locked in time
Let’s rewind

Do you remember when we first moved in together?
The piano took up the living room
You played me boogie-woogie, I played you love songs
You’d say we’re playing house, now you still say we are

We built our getaway up in a tree we found
We felt so far away, but we were still in town
Now I remember watching that old tree burn down
I took a picture that I don’t like to look at

Well all these times they come and go
And alone don’t seem so long
Over ten years have gone by
We can’t rewind, we’re locked in time
But you’re still mine
Do you remember?

…boy, do I need to find something to do!


  1. Yes, the term “emo” is still used.
    If you start wearing boxy glasses and jeans that are two sizes too small and flared at the bottoms, then we’ll have a serious talk.

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