It Came from Linksville! (part 37)

I’ve been holding back on these for a few weeks now – enjoy!

[Web Comics]
Pet Professional

Your local Department of Animal Control may be sufficient for the average dog or cat incident, but for those “special” situations it may very well be necessary to call in a professional.

PC Weenies

An oldie, but a goodie – I just really like the artwork with this one.

[Flash Animation]
Space Tree the Space Tree

Weird doesn’t quite describe it…but I still watched every single episode…

[Misc. Funny]
Doctor Metropolis – Superhero Coach & Crimefighting Consultant

Everything you need to know…well, sort of…

Also, we’ve finally got NBC HD coming in crystal clear! I don’t know exactly what the problem was – something about bandwidth regulations with our local affiliate, WFLA – but now I can finally watch The Tonight Show in high-def (coincidentally one of the first programs to start broadcasting back in the late ’90s). Woo hoo!!!

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