Just another bulletted weekend…

  • I spent a great deal of my weekend unpacking …still… and I’m happy to profess that at least I’m getting closer! There’s still a ways to go – finish painting my bedroom, start painting the bathroom, and hang a slew of pictures in the dining room – but ultimately things are coming along nicely. With any luck, I’ll be concealing my final cables and buying new plants as soon as next weekend – man, I can’t wait until this is all over with… 😛
  • and P.S., I barely touched GTA: San Andreas at all this weekend, except for a brief stint Friday evening. Probably why I was able to get so much accomplished…
  • It seems my old apartment complex will be getting one final jab after all – I woke up “early” on Saturday to make my trip to the post office to pick up what I thought was going to be my security deposit refund. Nope, instead it was a statement – apparently, according to Florida state law, they either have to refund your deposit within 14 days OR provide a statement if they plan to make deductions, with the check due in another 30 days. Of course, their plan is to always deduct the last water payment from tenants’ deposits, so they always get to keep it a bit longer…jerks! Not to mention the fact that they show me staying an extra two days and are trying to bill me for it, so I get to write another letter to them tomorrow stating that I left exactly when the lease said that I had to – it’ll never end, I tell ya!
  • Season #6 of The Simpsons on DVD arrived last week, but I still haven’t watched a single episode yet. Ironically enough, I’ve already ordered the “replacement box” that doesn’t look like Homer’s head and actually fits on the shelf…
  • I need to watch more movies. I realized this weekend that I haven’t really sat down and just watched a single thing since I got here. I think I’m going to shoot for next weekend, assuming I can get the painting done throughout the week. I would like to take some time and watch each of the Lord of the Rings movies, as I don’t think I’ve even watched parts one and two on the big screen yet. The only question is…do I destroy one entire day or four hour chunks on three separate days?!
  • But before I go having fun like that, I really need to get my ass to the gym…because I still haven’t been since I moved yet! (Meg, please don’t hit me!) Last time I talked to my Mom, I mentioned getting an eliptical for home so that I don’t have to leave to exercise anymore – she was all for donating for it, but I just don’t know if I’ve got room to hide the thing when I’m not using it. Also, I’ve got to say that it’s a pretty lame Christmas gift, but hey, I’m getting old… 😛
  • Nonetheless, I’m convinced that the folks at Hershey’s don’t want me to ever get skinny – case in point, today I discovered the brand-new Peanut Butter-Filled Hershey’s Kisses at the store, alongside my current favorite – the caramel ones … needless to say, both bags were in hand as I slinked up to the counter…
  • Made pizza tonight for dinner and loved the smell nearly as much as the meal itself. Out of all of the candles that I’ve got lying around, how come they don’t make a pizza-scented candle???
  • And lastly, I’m finally just about ready to move my fish back into their old tank … at least those who survived the great move of 2005. It took me forever to find a new air pump that doesn’t sound like a small jet engine, but after finding a suitable successor tonight, I think I’m just about ready to ok the relocation. I guess I’ll have to throw PetSmart on that list of places to go this weekend to pick-up some new residents…

Fun Things I Want to Do Before Christmas…

  • see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on IMAX down at Channelside
  • (note: maybe make a day of it and hit up the aquarium, too!)
  • take a trip to Disney to see the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights
  • plot a list of the best light displays in the Bay area and photograph
  • watch A Clay-Mation Christmas Celebration(starring the California Raisins!)
  • bake cookies – lotsof cookies
  • burn a new compilation of ’80s music for cruisin’ the city

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  1. Peanut butter filled hershey’s kisses?

    OMG, you have to tell , she will die of happiness. 🙂

    I still maintain that the white/regular chocolate with the almond in them are the best!

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