Look out, Outlook!!!

Ok – it took me over an hour, but I finally sat down and cleaned out the e-mail portion of Outlook at home. I believe there was something like six hundred unread messages sitting in my inbox, so it’s no wonder that I didn’t really even bother to try anymore! Nonetheless, I think that I have everything organized a little better now – newsletters, which make up the bulk of my mail these days, are going to separate folders, thus allowing my personal mail to actually stay near the top – so we’ll see…

In fact, Resolution #8: Keep up on the e-mail better in 2005!

You see, I’ve developed a really bad habit of simply ignoring mail these days, or at least the stuff that still comes in from Just Laugh. Now in my defense, I don’t reply to that stuff most of the time because we officially closed down six months ago – sign on the door and everything – and yet I continue to receive submissions and link suggestions and whatnot all the time! Nonetheless, I’m considering reopening a very small portion of the site with this new missive of mine for 2005, so maybe this would be a good opportunity to at the same time make it a little clearer that things are done around that front…but at the same time, yes – I’ll make it a point to be more polite and inform any new submissions of our current situation!

Next stop: Outlook’s address book …ugghh…

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