Lowe’s is my new best friend…

See – that’s what you get for being raised in the sheltered midwest!

I went into my first Lowe’s today and I’ve got to say, I really see no reason to ever go back to Home Depot again! You see, I’ve always been stuck on Home Depot because that’s all we had up north and when I got here, I just never bothered to even consider the alternatives.

Well, today I’m certainly glad that I did because in twenty minutes, I managed to find the plexiglass for my panoramas that has been eluding me for weeks, a really cool tropical-style ceiling fan with palm frond blades that will fit perfectly in the prospective bedroom decorating plans, and even cat5 wall mounts so that I can wire the entire house for gigabit ethernet!

Now all I need is the actual house itself… 😛


  1. Didn’t really have much of a need for lumber while I was there!

    Try that info that I sent you and see if you can get into my FTP. If not, you can always just e-mail them to me from your L7 account – our server can handle it.

  2. No, but I figured you’d passed Wal-Mart a time or two and would’ve saw the building. You know, the one with a big sign with the word LOWE’S pasted on it.

    I’ll send. Yes.

  3. OOH OOH, if you really want to be giddy over the home-improvement type store, you should come visit me in Eugene. There’s this great, HUGE independent store called Jerry’s. It is THE BEST, I swear. Home Depot tried to shut them down, and the only result is that the people of Eugene now hate Home Depot.

    I think my dad’s brain nearly exploded when he stepped into the store. Apparently it was like stepping into St. Peter’s. XD

    I love Jerry’s. They helped us with our fence, and the people who work there are all really really nice.

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