the irrational fear of Friday the 13th

I, too, thought that it was just a bunch of craziness…until the events started to piece themselves together…

Remember that $300 brake job from Wednesday? Well, “there’s really no connection because those are two completely different systems / it’s not our fault,” but I took it back into the shop Friday morning first thing because it started spewing engine coolant all over the place on my way home Thursday night. I had hoped that it was merely an overflow because they had filled the reservoir too full…but let’s face it – overflows don’t empty the container bone dry.

So they had it all day – first it was one $40 part, then it was something else. Of course, this blows all the more because if anything, six years slaving away in that warehouse taught me that those $24.99 and $34.99 hoses actually wholesale for maybe $20 together…that is, if they’re buying the good stuff, which I doubt. Mind you, continuing to get that auto parts discount wouldn’t exactly over-weigh getting to live here in paradise, but it still pisses me off. Long story short – the latest part that they want to replace now won’t be available until Tuesday, so I’m without transportation for the next four days and I don’t want to burden my friends with anything more than the rides to and from work because I really need those!

Grand total on auto repairs for the month of May is coming in just shy of $700, so I guess I really shouldn’t be buying anything right now anyways…even if I do need it for my trip next week. Luckily I can walk over to Wal-Mart for groceries (sorry, hun – I know that you don’t like me doing that, but there’s really not much of a choice this time)…and if anybody needs me in the meantime, I’ll be…uhhh, right here.

Moral of the Story: Don’t underestimate Friday the 13th…it could happen to you!

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