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December 18, 2005 10:19pm
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So I missed Family Guy this evening because our President wanted to dominate the airwaves in an attempt to save face…and possibly divert some eyes from the whole spying on citizens scandal that he’s been under fire for lately. Is it just me or does it seem like the man’s been trained like a parrot to throw in the words liberty and freedom every sixth word or so?! Well, I’m happy to hear that he thinks that we’re doing well over in Iraq, but here’s just a little something that came to mind while I listened to his incessant banter this evening…

Dear Mr. Bush,
I’m glad to hear that you have a plan for us to finish up this whole Iraq-thing in 2006 – maybe when that’s all said and done, we could focus on some of the problems we still have here at home…that is, if you’ve got any time left in office at that point…

Maybe we could start with all of the hospitals that I pass by each day on my way to work, filled with diseases that have no cures and patients who couldn’t afford to pay for them anyways. I’ve heard good things about that “Let’s just give everyone free healthcare”-plan that Canada’s got going – maybe you could give them a call and pick up a few pointers?

Then a bit of time shining up our classrooms – that might be nice, don’t you think? We could buy more books for the libraries that are still stuck in the 1990s, and perhaps even some more classrooms for the schools that are still praying for class sizes of forty or less. And I know this one is a little crazy, but I hear that there are still some schools that are connecting to the Internet via dial-up – there must be a telecommunications corporation that’s looking for a little primetime spotlight these days, isn’t there?!

And last but not least, and this should be an easy one because I can only assume that the situations over in Iraq must be horrendously worse than here – how about a solution to our homelessness and poverty issues? I just have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit when I pass by several street corners in downtown Tampa that feature folks scavenging for breakfast out of the garbage cans, so I was thinking that once freedom and liberty have been restored over in Iraq, maybe we could get these citizens something to eat…

Just a few ideas from another one of those guys who thinks, “we’re wasting time, money, and American lives rebuilding Iraq in the name of freedom” – I hope I got that quote right because I had to step away from your speech for a few minutes to make myself stop laughing … a man can only take hearing the word “terror” mispronounced so many times … you’ll understand, though – I’m sure. Best of luck with Iraq – if you need me, I’ll be back here … at home …

Scott Sevener

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