So who was responsible for TEACHING the Internet generation, anyways???

In a completely unrelated task, I stumbled across a whole lot of bandwidth stealing from Just Laugh when I was going through server logs earlier this evening. Apparently that’s not something taught in your average middle school web design class – host your own images!!!

Fortunately, cPanel makes it quite easy to take care of that – as of earlier this evening, several hundred MySpace and Xanga pages will now be sporting a nice, little message from the editors until their owners catch on and wise up…

I would say “Damn kids!” at this point, but one page was for a lady who was, like, twenty-seven or something. Apparently Netiquette is a dying art, indeed… 😛

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  1. LOL. Awesome.

    I would have left them a copy of that dubbed G.I.Joe cartoon with the freaky Scottish guy saying “What the fuck are you kids doing on my lawn!?” over and over again. XD

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