Verizon VoiceWing, anyone?

Ok, so I gave up on Vonage a while ago now, but I’m still wanting to find some sort of VOIP phone service to switch to and lower my payments a bit. Today I just happened to find a link to Verizon’s website that offered a 500-minute VoiceWing package at $19.95 / month for a year. Bonus “feature” – because they’re actually Verizon, they shouldn’t have any problems porting my original Verizon landline number, now should they?!

So here’s the catch – at this point, cable modem is in my office with all of the other computer stuff and there’s really no way to route ethernet cable out to the kitchen (where my main phone / base station is) without it laying across a hallway at one point. I’d like to keep the answering machine where it is in the kitchen, so does anybody have any ideas of how I can pull this off without tripping over wires? I’m wondering if there’s some way to utilize the wi-fi to connect things, but I haven’t been able to find a wi-fi VOIP phone adapter – only wired models.

(Also, if anybody’s actually tried out VoiceWing and it wasn’t so hot for you, I’d certainly appreciate hearing about that, too!)

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