WANTED: entertainment for bored audiophile…

I need some suggestions of new stuff to listen to at work…music is ok, but preferrably more of the spoken word variety. The bulk of my day is spent staring at a computer screen and if I don’t have something to keep my mind occupied, I start to go off on tangents (today’s discussion included determining the radius and eventually also the internal temperature of the Earth’s core…I know, we’re all a bunch of dorks…).

So far I’ve been living off a steady stream of catch-up with This Week in Tech, The Chris Pirillo Show, and occasionally The Sean Kennedy Show when I’m feeling particularly damn-the-man-ish, but at this point I’m up to current and am now in desperate need of new listening material!!! Right now I’ve got about six hours worth of old BBC broadcasts of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that I’m going through, so perhaps someone might suggest some more audio books for me to acquire? I’ve already got the Harry Potter books on my list to search for, in preparation for the new one coming out next month…maybe I should look for The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, too?

My only requirements are that I can save them onto CD in wmv or mp3 format to save space…no streaming audio while I’m at work, but I’m open to suggestions for around the house, too. Somebody throw me a bone here!!!


  1. Honestly…I still haven’t listened to most of them yet… 🙁

    I’ll throw them all on a CD and go through them at work tomorrow. Man, I feel like I’m just wasting CD-Rs like crazy, burning discs for one-time use and then pitching them at night – heaven forbid they actually just let me stream the stuff from home!

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